Who We Are

We imagine that you might have a desire to develop your business and to address and
solve any challenges that may hinder this development.

We would be pleased to contribute to this development with our expertise—whether
at a strategic level or on an operational level—in the areas of project management,
business development, marketing, sales, training and feasibility studies.
We have built this business on two main factors: Knowledge and Experience.
Challenges in the business profession need more than just theoretical solutions
derived from academic books and studies. There are difficulties and problems
businesses face that need experienced minds to conjure up ‘out-of-the-box’ solutions
based on the circumstantial factors that are businesses are found to be in.
Likewise, we cannot limit our performance skills only to the understanding gained
from experience, our values and concepts are a mixture of both knowledge and
experience. Information is acquired from knowledge, skills are acquired from
We have established this company with thirty years of experience in the business
sector. We had started out in the role of sales representatives, moving on to sales
supervisors, then later to managers of sales projections and then managers of sales to
two regions. We then gained experience as business development managers then
business managers, export managers which then allowed us to move into pan-sales
and marketing directors which then allowed us to become CEOs of more than a few
We have had the honor to work in local, international and multinational companies in
Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
We have obtained dozens of studies and experiences in management, sales and
However, we are prepared to say that one of the greatest things we have learned in our
business career—through our work in both local, international, and multinational
organizations as well as from the different cultures and circumstances we have had
operated in inside and outside Egypt for more than thirty years—is how to
successfully manage businesses in a multitude of different industries. The evidence of
successful management is the results achieved supported by facts and figures.

We seek to be one of the best consulting firms in the Middle East by creating the greatest solutions to business and market challenges as well as creating and supporting good business development opportunities.

To operationally study and objectively analyze the establishment/project, identify alternatives to solutions/opportunities, and choose the most appropriate implementation method and control through measuring the continuous performance, to ensure the validity and quality of implementation.

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